Thanksgiving in San Francisco: How to find the Turkey of your dreams

This year, my husband and I decided to host our very first Thanksgiving Dinner together. We have friends and family driving into town for our meal and we really want them to see that San Francisco knows how to do Turkey Day right. So when I started looking for where I would buy our first turkey, I was surprised (which I should not have been) that there are a wealth of resources (similar to those you would use to find a pet or a mate) that San Franciscans can use to find the bird of their dreams.

I fully expect that I will order our bird through Andronico’s, a local supermarket chain.  They have a store just down the street from our house and offer several varieties of cooked and raw, organic, free-range, sustainable birds to choose from. On their website you can type in the number of guests you’ll be having and note if you want leftovers or not and the perfect bird weight is calculated for you. What really blew me away though, is the “more info” button next to the turkey options. You can click it to find out where your future turkey lives, what kind of pen it does or does not live in, what its been fed, if its feed is organic, and even what type of weather it enjoys on average. It is amazing and I highly recommend you check their website out, even if you aren’t going to buy a turkey from them.

I also am pasting in some links to other San Fran favorite stores, farms and information sites that help you find the perfect bird for your meal. If you have an opinion on how/where to buy an ideal turkey, please do share. Happy hunting!

Diestel Turkey Ranch

Willie Bird Turkeys

Mary’s Free Range Turkeys

Northern California Markets– Turkey Resource Guide

~ by jessicamoriates on November 20, 2010.

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