What is a CSA?

I believe that the incredibly fresh and cleanly grown Northern Californian produce is a huge reason why cuisine in San Francisco is superior to all others. From the cilantro-laden tacos in the Mission to addictive tomato sauces of North Beach, fresh, organic, and seasonal produce is what makes our food unique. And what better way to personally gain access to our cornucopia of edible flora than with a CSA subscription?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is an incredibly easy way for San Franciscans to form partnerships with local farmers. Locals commit to a share of the farmer’s crop for a specified length of time, typically a year at a time. The share of fruits, veggies, and flowers can be delivered direct to your home, or to a location in your neighborhood, once a week.

I personally subscribe to Two Small Farm’s CSA. Two Small Farms is a collaboration between Mariquita Farm in Hollister, and High Ground Organics in Watsonville. A colleague recommended them to me and I have really enjoyed the variety of delectable fruits and veggies they send. They consistently send fresh items that are never bruised or damaged. Additionally, they send a weekly newsletter that shares news happening around the farms and helpful recipes for the produce you receive that week.

To help you find your own perfect CSA and begin your fresh produce adventure, here are a few helpful links:





~ by jessicamoriates on November 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “What is a CSA?”

  1. I’ve been considering joining one of these but worried that I can’t use everything they send each week. Wish they had something once a month.

  2. i never know what to do with the beets. but i love the limes and avocados.

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